Sunday, October 25, 2015


Logging in to start this entry, I wasn't shocked to see I've written nothing since March. Since I chose to make a big life change, unrelated to my weight, nearly a year ago...I've lived. I'm in a wonderful relationship, I've worked on some inner emotional/mental demons, and I've enjoyed being in my own skin. While I don't regret the focus I've had on my insides, the outsides have unfortunately suffered.

I'm roughly 20 pounds heavier than I was a year ago; I remember breaking into "onederland" and excitedly sharing that scale picture last October. I'd hope to achieve my ultimate in 2015, but life had other plans.

A year later, I want to (once again) return to onederland and continue my journey to goal. I want to get back to healthy eating and exercise and finally focus on water intake (my coffee addiction is a bad one!). I want to finish this.

And I will.