Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's been awhile...

Maintenance is super easy - I haven't lost or gained more than a pound or two since October.  However, maintenance isn't a great place to be when you're still 30-ish pounds from goal.  Eek!  Somewhere along the way, I let life be an excuse in stalling my weight loss.  I'm not intentional about what I eat and that lack of intentionality continues to yield maintenance results.

I am thankful for my gastric sleeve, though.  Without it?  The last few months would have likely seen a huge weight gain because of the food choices I've made.  I'm lucky that (a) I'm typically not hungry, (b) I typically eat because I'm bored or because there's a tempting choice in front of me and (c) I can't eat much of anything when I do make less than stellar choices.  I'm happy that maintenance has proven to be relatively easy...

...but it's time to get my head back in the game.  Since my last blog post (in October of 2014), I've ended a nearly 5-year relationship, moved to a new apartment with a roommate closer to work, I've lost my Grandma (my rock star partner in all things bariatric and life) and have found new happiness in life and those I choose to include it.

Transition over.  I attended my monthly weight loss support group on Monday and told of my struggle with intentionality...and was told there are no tricks to "get back in the game."  I just have to choose to do it, then follow through.

In addition to that, my mom, sister and I are on a team to run/walk 2,015 miles in 2,015.  With the 1.8 miles I logged this morning (found the new apartment complex gym!), I'm up to almost 25 miles for the year.  While our team is on track to goal, I'm clearly not holding up my end of the deal.

I've always recognized that weight loss is 90% what you do in the kitchen and 10% what you do in the gym.  It's time to get my head back into all 100% and finish this.  I turn 35 at the end of August.  Goal IS the gift I want to give to myself.