Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rainy day...and motivation?

We're due for rain the entire day, complete with a flood warning in effect.  Not that I ever need an excuse to laze around the house while drinking coffee and catching up on the DVR, but the rainy weather just makes this lazy Saturday even better!

Question for all of you, while I'm in a relatively contemplative mood...what advice would you give to people starting, or re-starting, their weight loss journey?  Outside of specific surgery advice, what do you do to motivate or educate friends who want to know tips/tricks on how to get the most out of their own journey?  Knowing that the weight loss path can take a myriad of forms, which can include surgery for some, what general advice would you impart if asked?

Clearly, I chose a surgical route as an aid to me in my journey.  Those of you who chose the same route know that the daily battle against grazing and poor food choices continues, regardless of which surgery you chose.  Although I have a sleeve-alicious tool to help me reduce consumption and minimize hunger, it's totally easy and doable to gain weight in the life after weight loss surgery.  So...what advice do you have?  What keeps YOU on the right path?  What is "it?"

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maintenance and the Polar Vortex...

One thing I've learned in 2014 is that weighing less doesn't help someone who's already cold by nature endure a polar vortex.  On top of that, the heat in my house is out (hopefully being fixed today) and I had to sleep in temperatures less than 60 (no idea how the homeless do this every night).  I'm cold.  Losing weight has not helped that.  I can, however, fit into the way cute jacket I loved from two winters ago that didn't fit last winter...and I sold last winter's jacket for $25 to someone larger than, bonus!

In the spirit of accountability and updating y'all on what I've been up to, December 2013 was a terrible month for me in my weight loss journey post-gastric sleeve.  I didn't wear my FitBit.  I didn't track food on MyFitnessPal.  I didn't make great food choices.  I ate when I wasn't hungry.  I did everything you're not supposed to do while on a weight loss journey.

And still?

I maintained.


When I finally pulled my head out of my ass and stepped on the scale for "Fat Loss Friday" on January 3, I weighed exactly the same as I had a month prior.  Sweet!  I felt rejuvenated, threw my FitBit on and have been tracking food ever since.  It's good to know that my tiny belly will allow for maintenance when I finally reach my goal weight! 2014?  I'm looking forward to saying hello to onederland (haven't been there since high school) and my goal weight.  As of today I'm 81 pounds down and have 61 to go.  I got this!