Friday, October 10, 2014

Mo money! (For smaller clothes!)

I've never really LOVED a bank I've been a member of, so when I saw the chance to join the new Capital One 360 (all digital) bank, I jumped in!  True story?  Free $50 bonus on Day 50 of having the account (minimum requirement is that you have to make 3 signature based purchases within the first 45 days) AND you get a $20 instant bonus for every friend who opens a checking account (no minimum opening requirement).

It was originally meant to be an extra account I could stash money into for savings, but I'm now transitioning my direct deposit pay over there as well - and welcoming a new banking era!

Soooo...who wants to (a) try a new bank, (b) earn some free bonuses and (c) help me afford some new clothes for my shrinking body?!  LOL!

Learn more, and sign up, here: :)

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