Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today I am thankful for...

  • Exiting the "Obese Class 2" category of weight this morning and entering "Obese Class 1" - only 33 pounds to go until I'm no longer obese...I'll take "overweight" any day!
  • 2013 - the year in which my horrific journey with the LapBand ended and the year my Gastric Sleeve allowed me to reclaim my weight loss journey and health.
And, of course, all of YOU, my family and friends, who continue to inspire and encourage me on a daily basis!

Monday, November 11, 2013

50% Lost!

Check it out!  Today's entry in my "Monitor Your Weight" app tells me that I've officially lost 50.42% of my excess weight!  Woo hooooo!  In reality, I have no idea what my goal weight really is - 169 lb. is the current benchmark, but only because it's (a) half of my largest weight pre-LapBand and (b) because it's when I'll have reached "normal" status on the BMI index.  Of course, never having been that light as an adult means that I don't really know if that's my "goal" - we'll see how I feel as I get closer!

But...yay for milestone victories!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

New adventure!

Now that I'm not having ongoing issues with a slipped LapBand, and am happy in my new life with the sleeve, I've decided to tackle a new venture as an Independent Consultant with the Scentsy Family, representing both Scentsy and Velata!

Scentsy Personal Website
Velata Personal Website

After years of being a scented candle fan, with a variety of scents of high-priced candles in my home to feed my addiction for yummy smells, I discovered Scentsy Wickless Candles at a friend's party when I moved to the East Coast.  I bought my first warmer package and instantly fell in LOVE with the Scentsy products.  I had to have more warmers to flood my house and office with more!  The Scentsy experience was heightened when my boyfriend ditched his high-priced candles and fell in love with the products as well - we were a forever changed home!

I hosted my first Scentsy party a few months later and, taking advantage of hostess gifts, earned more Scentsy products to enhance the atmosphere in my home - especially for the holidays!  Yes, I have quite the collection of Christmas warmers, ranging from plug-ins to full-size warmers!  Currently, I have the "Linger" scent beautifying my home and the "Pumpkin Roll" scent at my office entices all who walk by, and we often have a discussion about how amazing the Scentsy product line is.

At my first party, I was also introduced to a newer Scentsy Family brand: Velata!  I got my first Velata fondue warmer and chocolate...admittedly, my boyfriend and I ate some of the chocolate without putting it in the warmer for melting - it's that good!!  I love bringing out my fondue warmer for parties, and my boyfriend's daughters find the fondue experience a fun and delightful treat!  I'm looking forward to expanding my own love of Velata with the newer spice rub, cheeses, chocolate mixers and equipment (the Raclette, Party Trays & more!) - I know that these are high quality products that will bring joy to my family!

I hope you take time to browse my websites above, and feel free to ask any questions you have!  I'm happy to help you host a party of your own (even across the miles!), host a fundraiser, or aid you in becoming a new consultant yourself!