Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3rd Surgery of 2013

What a crazy year it's been for me!  A year ago, I was working and living in Virginia while dealing with the daily stress and pain of a slipped LapBand.  With an insurance policy through work that was determined to let me suffer with the slipped band, I resigned myself to the fact that life was what it was.

A year later, after having been laid off, I've been employed in Maryland for 7 months and living in this state now for a month.  With a new insurance plan, I was able to have my LapBand removed in March and be sleeved in June - 50 pounds of weight loss so far, but still a ways to go before (a) I'm back to my lowest weight achieved with the LapBand and (b) at my goal weight...I'm working on it!

Last week, a few days shy of 12 weeks post-op with the sleeve, I developed sharp stomach pains that resulted in me leaving work early (I rarely take time off).  While the sharp pain turned into a dull pain about 24 hours later, eating, drinking and swallowing continued to be painful for the next, few days.  In consultation with my surgeon, I had an ultrasound on Friday to reveal that I have a new problem...

"Congrats Joia, 

You have to give birth to your gallbladder. Paul just texted me to tell you have "sludge". You need it out. That is what your pain prob. is. Call and make an appointment with Dr. Trad to get that scheduled. See you soon. Allison"

While I enjoyed the humorous tone of my nutritionist/program nurse administrator, I'm a little bummed that I now have to have my third surgery of the year.  Work is at a crucial "just getting the school year started" time and I'm now waiting for tomorrow's appointment to find out when my gall bladder removal will happen and how long I'll need to be out of work (this time!) to recover.

Surgery every three months?  Surely wasn't in my plan a year ago, but I know that gall bladder problems are common with weight loss surgery patients (so common that, from what I understand, many people have their gall bladder removed at the time of their surgery).  My mom isn't thrilled that I'm having "another complication," but I'm hoping that this small hiccup in an otherwise flawless recovery process will be the final hiccup in my weight loss journey!