Saturday, November 2, 2013

New adventure!

Now that I'm not having ongoing issues with a slipped LapBand, and am happy in my new life with the sleeve, I've decided to tackle a new venture as an Independent Consultant with the Scentsy Family, representing both Scentsy and Velata!

Scentsy Personal Website
Velata Personal Website

After years of being a scented candle fan, with a variety of scents of high-priced candles in my home to feed my addiction for yummy smells, I discovered Scentsy Wickless Candles at a friend's party when I moved to the East Coast.  I bought my first warmer package and instantly fell in LOVE with the Scentsy products.  I had to have more warmers to flood my house and office with more!  The Scentsy experience was heightened when my boyfriend ditched his high-priced candles and fell in love with the products as well - we were a forever changed home!

I hosted my first Scentsy party a few months later and, taking advantage of hostess gifts, earned more Scentsy products to enhance the atmosphere in my home - especially for the holidays!  Yes, I have quite the collection of Christmas warmers, ranging from plug-ins to full-size warmers!  Currently, I have the "Linger" scent beautifying my home and the "Pumpkin Roll" scent at my office entices all who walk by, and we often have a discussion about how amazing the Scentsy product line is.

At my first party, I was also introduced to a newer Scentsy Family brand: Velata!  I got my first Velata fondue warmer and chocolate...admittedly, my boyfriend and I ate some of the chocolate without putting it in the warmer for melting - it's that good!!  I love bringing out my fondue warmer for parties, and my boyfriend's daughters find the fondue experience a fun and delightful treat!  I'm looking forward to expanding my own love of Velata with the newer spice rub, cheeses, chocolate mixers and equipment (the Raclette, Party Trays & more!) - I know that these are high quality products that will bring joy to my family!

I hope you take time to browse my websites above, and feel free to ask any questions you have!  I'm happy to help you host a party of your own (even across the miles!), host a fundraiser, or aid you in becoming a new consultant yourself!

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