Sunday, August 18, 2013

State of My World.

Good morning, and happy Sunday to everyone!  I stepped on the scale this morning not expecting much (currently in TOM) and was happily surprised to see a 2 pound loss from Friday, my normal, weekly weigh-in day!  The weight seems to be coming off at a steadier pace over the last, few weeks - I think it's a combination of moving more AND eating more.  Always shocks me to find that on the days I think I've gorged on food, my weight drops.

Also, I think it's hilarious that I now call eating 1,200-1,300 calories "gorging."

Work has kept me insanely busy over the last week (I've been exceeding my FitBit step goal every day without exercise), and this week I'll be "on" as I visit over 25 schools in 5 days to welcome them to the school year and provide updates from the teacher's union I work for.  I had my VSG surgery at the end of the school year - will my 45 pound weight loss be noticed by those teachers I'd worked with last school year?

45 pounds sounds like a lot of weight to lose - and it is! - but, truth be told, I'm just now starting to feel frumpy in the size I'd been wearing, and the smaller clothes I have are still a bit too tight for public wear.  I recognize that I fooled myself into thinking I was a 22/24 at the time of my surgery, when those clothes were actually tight on me.  Realistically, I've probably dropped from a 24/26 I should have been wearing and am now closer to 20/22 - that's an accomplishment!  Regardless, I've got work clothes all the way down to Size 16...and I can't "weight" to get back to some of those clothes!

Here's to continued weight loss, the start of another school year (my 11th in the education industry!), and to reaching my goal weight before another class of seniors graduates!

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