Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 Things Thursday (a day early)...

I'm in the mood to blog tonight, although I don't have a particular topic upon which to focus.  As such, I began reading through some of the blogs I follow and it hit me - AHHH!  It's 10 Things Thursday tomorrow!!  So, here are my ten things - just a couple of hours short of Thursday. :)

1. I will be 5 weeks post-op on Friday from my sleeve gastrectomy and I'm down 28 pounds as of this morning - that includes the 10 pounds lost in the 10-day pre-op diet.  My head is battling a lot with itself as I continue to do what I'm supposed to do, yet not seeing the numbers I'd really love to see on the scale.  I'm hoping that by the time Friday rolls around (the official weigh-in day for my little trackin' sheet), I'll have hit a 30 pound loss.  That number just sounds good.  Beyond that?  The next "goal" on my checklist is 36 pounds - that's 25% of my excess weight loss!  Lessssgo scale!

2. I continue to read a lot on the sleeve forums - sometimes answering questions I didn't know I had yet.  But, more often than not, I'm absolutely dumbfounded by the questions people are asking to the general internet world immediately post-op about what foods they can have, pain they're experiencing (not mild pain either), etc.  CALL YOUR DOCTOR.  WHY didn't you know the post-op diet recommended by your doctor for recovery?  WHY are you trying to get advice from a plethora of people who all have different recommendations from THEIR doctor?  Clearly, some people were not meant to go through weight loss surgery...and, unfortunately, I feel that some may literally "bust a gut" while they try to ingest a ribeye when they're a few days post-op and "need some real food."  Effin' idiots.

3. Through the same forums, I met a "sleeve sister" who was sleeved just a few days after me in a town where I'm moving to (see #4) - we met "IRL" (yes, I'm totally down with the cool kids) last night at Color Me Mine.  It was my first time there - since painting is not a strength of mine, yet my need for perfection was extremely frustrating.  However, the conversation was fun and I'm excited to have a future gym buddy and friend in my new community!

4. Boyfriend and I signed the lease to our new home on Sunday - we move in August 1!  In just 3 weeks, we'll be in a hotel at this time, having loaded up our current house and handed over the keys.  In short?  My 3+ hour commute each day is quickly coming to an END!  

5. And?  My new house has a private hot tub on the 1st floor deck.

6. And?  My new house is a 3-story townhome (never lived in one of those) with laundry on the 1st floor and my bedroom on the 3rd floor...who needs a gym when you get to have that type of exercise in your life?

7. I'm still not convinced of why people choose to live on the East Coast.  I haven't been able to wear a sundress and flip flops YET - and "doing" my hair is the bane of my existence point with this constant rain and humidity!  Ugh.

8. I transitioned to "soft foods" this past weekend and am loving the restriction I have!  I'm eating 70+ grams of protein per day and focusing on keeping my calorie count below 1,000 per day.  And I'm not hungry.  THIS is what I wanted from the LapBand (but never got) - and THIS is why I'm now sleeved.

9. Work is incredibly slow right now.  Working in the public education field in the summer, when your colleagues and bosses are taking vacation, means that there ain't a whole lot going on.  My vacation was spent on my surgery in June and I've got a few days off to move.  Wooo...don't be jealous of mah summer adventures!

10. Boyfriend and I will be picking up his 2 daughters on Sunday so that they can spend a couple of weeks with us - fun!  Although I have to work and commute, I'm hoping we can squeeze in some fun time on the weekends...when we're not packing up the house.

Ta da!  I hope you all have a fantabulous end to your week!

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  1. Wow 30 lbs - almost there girl! :)

    And ditto on point 2 ... if you're trying to eat a rib-eye post op... maybe WLS isn't for you? lol

    I've been an east coaster all my life, and I've been wearing flip flops and sun dresses since April, maybe that's a Jersey Girl thing though?