Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 1 Stall.


Throughout my 10 day pre-op diet and the initial days post-op I was steadily losing weight.

Surgery was 6-7-13.  When I felt well enough post-op, I continued to weigh myself daily (I really need to get over that habit) and moderately lost until 6-12-13 for a total of 18 pounds lost.

It's now 6-16-13.  My scale hasn't budged in 4 days.  I'm doing everything right (fluids/protein/rest/vitamins) for the most part and my scale doesn't want to reflect that.

I've read a lot about sleeve patients stalling in Week 3 as their bodies recover from the trauma of surgery and calorie reduction, and I know I recovered faster than many I've read about...but really?!  Stalling 6 days post-op?

Ugh.  I'll be patient.  My calorie intake is stabilizing now that I'm comfortable with the "full liquid" stage of recovery (I get to continue this joyous stage until next weekend), and I'll continue to follow doc's orders on liquids/proteins/vitamins because I don't want "user error" to be any reason for hiccups in my process.  It's not as if I'm consuming more calories than my body uses - nowhere near that.

Just.  Dude.


And, yes, I took body measurements on surgery eve (6-6-13), so I'll update those every few weeks to see the transition when the scale won't talk to me.  


  1. Don't worry about it. I know a lady who stalls for a few weeks, then has a big loss of 10-15 lbs in a week or month.
    My surgeon informed me that my losses would be slower because I had already had a form of weightless surgery. Just be patient.
    The scale is evil. I weigh on Sunday and Wednesday.

  2. I am at week 5 and have hit my stall. From week 3 to 4 I lost almost 10 pounds. Nothing since then. It's extremely annoying, but I'm hoping it will pass. We'll be okay.

  3. Hi Joia, I just read through your blog and am so impressed with how you've dealt with all of the issues you've face the last few years. Thanks for sharing your journey, I look forward to reading about your progress with the sleeve. I can't speak from experience about your stall, but I hope you can work your way through it.