Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Eve of 2 Weeks Post-Op

Tomorrow will be two weeks post-op...and I can't believe my surgery was that recent!  My week off of work last week for recovery was well spent sleeping and adjusting to massive liquid intake - I've now been at work (including the 3+ hour commute each day) all week and have been doing fine!  My energy gets a little low now and then, but I'm blaming that on the severe calorie deficit...I think the post-op sleepiness has subsided.

I've been on "full liquids" since shortly after my surgery - essentially, anything that passes through a straw has been my daily diet.  Am I sick of protein shakes?  Yup.  Am I drinking a ton of water?  Yup.  Am I taking my vitamins?  Yup (although there is more on that...see below).  Am I hungry?  Nope.  I find myself eating just to (a) ramp up my energy and (b) to ensure I'm getting 70g of protein each day.  I could totally get used to this lifestyle!

Vitamins.  Eff you.  I've been great about taking my multivitamins (berry flavored) and "calcium + D" each day and have been using the Bariatric Advantage brand - honestly, I had a bunch leftover in my pantry that hadn't expired and I thought I should use them before I tapped into the Opurity brand I stocked up on pre-surgery.  I've been getting all of my chewable vitamins in each day - with BA?  That's 6 multivitamins (in 2 doses - one in the morning, one at night) and 5 "calcium +D" (that taste like ass...cuz they're lemon flavored...and I hate lemon flavored).  I've been pleased that, until yesterday, I had no post-op issues.

Yesterday?  Sweet mother of baby Jesus.  I took my 3 multi's right before going to bed.  Chewed 'em up as I walked upstairs to my bedroom.  And then?  Nausea.  Mild, but nausea nonetheless.  Um.  Why?!?  Chalking it up to my tummy being unhappy, I grabbed my lil' box of vitamins on my way out of the house this morning as I went to work.

By the way?  I found these cute lil' plastic containers designed to hold salad dressing "to go" for your lunches...they're perfect for holding all the vitamins I have to consume in a day!

As I'm sitting on 95N in Northern Virginia today, going slower than a turtle in rush hour traffic, I grabbed my lil' box and took out my morning multi's...chewed 'em up...and got SICK.  Imagine this: I'm in Lane 2 of bumper to bumper traffic.  I get sweaty.  I'm doin' that lil' gag motion - you know, the one where you just know vomit is coming, but you're trying to hold it in.  I roll down the window, turn the radio off (because that was going to help, right?) and turn the AC on full blast.  I'm sweating while I look around my clean car for an empty cup, bottle - ANYTHING - that I could puke into.  I just know the trail of multivitamin spittle is a-comin'.  Nope.  Damn my clean car.  I furiously merge into Lane 1, only to piss off the other "bumper-to-bumpers" that were mad I added a delay to their 2mph drive.  My thought process was to pull off on the left shoulder and vomit - in front of the bajillions of D.C. metro commuters - if I needed to.

Thankfully, I drank a few sips of water in between deep breaths and the moment passed.  Eff you vitamins.

Thinking that this was my body's way of telling me it's hungry and knowing that I'm allowed to transition to purees (anything that doesn't require chewing) tomorrow, I decided I would try the multi's again this evening with some Pintos n' Cheese I picked up earlier at Taco Bell.

Side note?  That $0.99 was worth every damn penny.  After 2 weeks of liquids, nothing has ever tasted so good in my life!

I chewed up my evening dose of multi's and started to eat a bite o' beans.  Surely this new approach - having food to accompany the multi's - would help, right?  Bite 2.  Yum...oh...shit.  I'm gonna hurl.  Quickly, much more rapidly than this morning, I was NAWWW-SHUS!  I ran to the bathroom and vomited...only, my stomach doesn't have much in I dry heaved and spit up some berry flavored spittle, along with some unprocessed Pintos...until the moment passed.

Tomorrow's plan?  I'm switching to the Opurity vitamins.  We'll see if it makes a difference.  I had e-mailed my nutritionist earlier today telling her about the onset of nausea, despite taking the same vitamins I'd BEEN reply yet.  I go in for a follow-up on Tuesday, so we may discuss other options then if the Opurity causes the same sickiness.


Update: Switching to Opurity vitamins did the trick!  Bariatric Advantage can suck it.


  1. Yikes! Bariatric Advantage is gross...

  2. I had to back off the bariatric vitamins for awhile. They just didn't work. I heaved every time.