Sunday, June 9, 2013


Good morning everyone, and welcome to my new life as a sleeved person!  All went well with my surgery and, barring some nausea at the hospital while in recovery, I'm doing great!  I was discharged at 3pm Saturday after the procedure was completed Friday morning.  Unfortunately, my nausea got the best of me on Friday while transitioning into my own observation room, and then again on Saturday morning after drinking the nasty gastric thinner and Barium for my swallow test.  Once I was able to prove I could hold down liquids, I was ready to go home!

I don't have much remaining nausea/pain at this point, but I'm staying on my meds anyway to ensure the nausea stays away - I have no interest in heading back to the hospital because I, literally, "bust a gut."  My doctor assured me that once I had made it to the point where they'd discharged me, it'd be rare to complicate anything from the surgery, but you can never be too careful!

So now I sleep, sip water, sleep, sip, sleep, sip...and I'll continue to do that until I feel more energy.  Took this week off of work, so I look forward to my sleep/sip cycles - very relaxing!


  1. Congratulations...........I wish you all the best!


  2. Congrats to my Sleeved Sister.... Welcome to the other side. I am unfortunately one of the rare... complications over and over again after surgery... but I love my Sleeve and I am feeling more and more like myself daily. I am so glad you are feeling better... Sleep well, and Happy Healing!