Thursday, June 6, 2013

In less than 24 hours...

...I will be awake and in my observation period at the hospital as I begin my recovery from Gastric Sleeve surgery!  My surgery is scheduled at 9:15am with a 7:15am arrival time.  I'm told that the procedure will take roughly 2 hours, followed by an hour in recovery as I awake from my anesthesia sleep.

P.S. I love anesthesia sleep.  I always get SUCH good, deep sleep!!

My doctor has me signed up for a 23-hour observation in my own room following the surgery - gotta make sure I can tolerate fluids, excrete said fluids and clear a barium swallow Saturday morning before I'll be released into my boyfriend's care at home.

P.P.S. Why 23 hours?  So odd.

SO looking forward to this new journey, and to put all of the research into practice!  Seriously, I've read more about the Sleeve than I ever did about the LapBand (and I read a certified f*ckton on that)!  Perhaps it's because there is absolutely no going back from my choice this time?  Regardless, I'm ready.  Brang it!


  1. yay! you are going to do awesome :)

  2. I love my Sleeve!!! You are going be great! The 23 hour thing is an insurance thing... It means that your insurance doesn't want to pay for a night in the hospital and the surgeon is working his way around it by 23 hours instead of 24. They did that to me when I had my lapband removed... LOL