Thursday, June 27, 2013

"I don't care about weight loss right now."

I went to a follow-up with my doctor on Tuesday (18 days post-op), just a few days into the "puree" stage of my post-op recovery diet.  I expressed frustration at not having lost weight in the past week as I stepped on their scale (despite my head understanding all of the reasons why stalls happen, and knowing that the weight will come off eventually as I continue to do the right things).  What shocked me, though, was the response from my doctor....

"I don't care about weight loss right now, it'll come off eventually!"  

I absolutely LOVE my doctor and appreciate that he's more interested in me making a full recovery (it's been textbook so far) than in dropping pounds as of yet...his response made me recognize that my new "tool" isn't quite ready to do it's job yet.  Clearly, the post-op diet is in place to help your stomach heal and to transition slowly through diet phases in order to re-acclimate your stomach to various foods in the world.

Just.  Hard to wrap my "gut" around the fact that I'm not losing weight at this point, despite my head knowing what's going on.  

will say, though, that it makes me excited for things to come!

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