Sunday, June 30, 2013


My weight loss journey has always been one for health - knowing my family history, co-morbidities were going to sneak up on me as I continued to get older if I didn't take care of this obesity STAT.  Unfortunately, the LapBand was less than ideal for me...I'm excited that I'm now down 25.6 pounds since my 10 day pre-op diet started before my Gastric Sleeve surgery on June 7.  I'm starting to see the loss on my body and feel the loss in my clothes, and in tracking my every intake on MyFitnessPal, I know I'm doing this the healthy way, too!

Long-term health is definitely the main objective, and I'm super stoked to finally see some light at the end of the "battle with obesity" tunnel.  But, somewhat superficially, what else do I hope to get out of this?  Ooo - I know!  Let's make a list!!  I do love me some lists!!

Weight Loss Journey Goals

  • Lose 25 pounds - check!  (Having something to check off makes my list feel good)
  • Lose 61 pounds - This will put me at 250, which is the weight I was 2 years ago when I moved to the East Coast.
  • Lose 72 pounds - At this loss, I'll officially have lost more than I have left to lose!
  • Lose 96 pounds - Puts me at 215, one pound less than the lowest weight I recall being as an adult.
  • Lose 112 pounds - Onederland!
  • Lose 142 pounds - At 169, I'll be exactly half the person I was pre-LapBand.
Sure, the goal losses aren't your standard "25, 50, 75, etc.," but I feel that my goal numbers have purpose...symbolism, if you will.  I've got no timeline for any of the above goals, as I don't yet know how my body will lose weight once I'm back on normal foods and past the initial recovery phases of being a post-op sleever.  Ideally, though?  I'd love to hit that second target by the time my birthday rolls around on August 28.  36 pounds in 2 months?  Maybe.  I wouldn't expect that kind of loss long term, but it just might be doable in my post-op recovery mode!

Life as a Thin Person Goals
  • Be a stunning bride! - No date set, but it's gotta happen sometime!  Nick and I have been together almost 3.5 years now!
  • Wear a bathing suit without feeling the need to wear some cover up skirt, shirt, etc.
  • Shop in any clothing store I want to, knowing that clothes fit me.
  • Allow my inner confidence to reflect on the outside.
  • Not be afraid of any chair or seat - no matter how fragile it looks!
  • Eliminate back, tailbone & knee issues - while other incidents caused the issues, the weight sure ain't helping!
  • Not being the heaviest person in the room.  Cuz I usually am.
  • Be a runner.  I have visions of spending hours on my weekends jogging, running marathons, etc.
  • Using food as energy, rather than letting it be the focus of my time.
  • Not feeling guilty about a cupcake, appetizer, etc. because "I really shouldn't eat that."
  • Having the energy to do more than "commute, work, commute, TV, bed."
I'm sure there are others on my list, but they're escaping my brain at the moment.  What about you?  What "life as a thin person goals" do you have?!


  1. one of my big goals is to be better than 50% of the women in my age group when I enter a 5k or triathlon, I'm a work in progress for sure but confident I will get there! I think your 36 pounds in 2 months is probably doable, I just realized I'm down 45 since March 18th! just over 3 months with my sleeve, love-love-love it!!

  2. Those are awesome goals! My "life as a thin person goals" are related to clothing mostly.

    1. Be able to buy leather knee high boots for the fall/winter.
    2. Buy a gorgeous fitted winter coat instead of the baggy unflattering ones I'm always forced to wear.
    3. Get back to my actual un-bloated shoe size - I'm supposed to be a 7 1/2 but I'm wearing 9 1/2's these days because of the extra fluff.
    4. Feel beautiful and sexy in non-granny style underwear and a matching bra.

  3. Love the goals, girls!! I may have to add some of those to my list!