Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 3 Post-Op

I'm at the point in recovery where my brain is ready for more food/activity, but my stomach isn't following...could it be that because today is Monday, and I'd normally be sitting in traffic on my way to work?  I'm thankful for taking this week off, and I fully intend to follow all post-op instructions (including diet!) so that I can maximize healing, minimize complications, and use this tool for what it's meant to do!  I'm actually not hungry, and I recognize that, but starting to miss the act of chewing (Pringles sound good right now!)...but it will be awhile before I get there, so I'll be patient!

My goal each day is to drink 64oz of clear liquids and have 70g protein.  I had stockpiled Unjury in 4 flavors prior to surgery and managed to get down a watered-down "Strawberry Sorbet" and "Chocolate Splendor," in addition to some water and Crystal Light, yesterday for a total of 58oz of liquid and 42g protein - not too bad considering it was only Day 2 post-op!  Drinking liquids/protein is a full time job right now, and it's all I'm dealing with beyond sleeping off and on throughout the day.  I feel like I've been getting up and down enough to use the restroom, refill water bottles, etc., but I would like to start some light treadmill work today to increase my activity (anyone know when the danger of blood clot formation passes?).

Overall, recovery seems to be uneventful...and that's exactly what I want it to be!  I'm looking forward to the transition to "full liquids" tomorrow!


  1. glad you are feeling good today, and that you have plenty of time for recovery :)

  2. Yay! sounds like you're doing amazingly well. I am so happy you are feeling good enough to think of exercise already... Keep up the Good work SS! XOXO