Sunday, May 19, 2013

June 7th!

After completing a laughable psych exam (only laughable because of how true it was), I saw my bari-doctor this week to finalize plans for my Gastric Sleeve.  He had initially said I could have the surgery 8 weeks post-LapBand removal, but his schedule didn't have room that quickly.  Instead, it'll be 11 weeks post-LapBand on June 7th!  Coincidentally, that's my sister's birthday - yay!

I'm now in "prep" mode as I prepare for a permanent alteration to my stomach.  I've stocked up on protein powders, liquid soups, vitamins and supplements...the pantry in my kitchen looks somewhat medical with all of that in there!  I also did some shopping today for sippy cups (I'm about to rock some Tinkerbell!), chap stick, Gas-X strips (worked wonders after the LapBand surgery), a pillow to hold against my tummy while getting up/down and while riding home from the hospital...I think I'm about ready for this!

With less than three weeks to go, the only pre-op diet I've been asked to follow is to do low-carb (no more than 50g/day) starting 10 days before the surgery.  To prep for that, and to help mediate the pounds I've put on since LapBand removal, it's back to the FitBit and MyFitnessPal tomorrow (18 days pre-op) - might as well start reducing calories now!

I've also been reading...and reading...and reading over at VST to hear what other sleevers have to say, recommend and complain about.   The most compelling post I read today (don't know where I saw it, otherwise I'd post it) is one patient's reason for the sleeve.  She commented about how losing weight has never been a problem for her - it's the maintenance and lifestyle change.  I'd definitely agree!  Give me a goal, deadline, etc. that's not too long term and I can rock some weight loss.  But, old habits die hard and I'm quickly picking up large portions of unhealthy food...just because.  I don't know why.  I don't know why the long term goal of a healthier, happier me has been, thus far, unattainable.  I do know that I was trained to lick my plate clean as a kid, and the "chicken police" made sure I ate every morsel of chicken on the bone.  That train of thought stuck with me throughout my life - I eat too fast and I eat too much.  I just do.

The sleeve will finally give me the forced behavior modification I had hoped the LapBand would provide.  I originally went with the LapBand because I wasn't keen on permanent alteration.  However, the Gastric Sleeve surgery has come a long way since my first bariatric surgery and has plenty more to offer patients who need a tool to help them find a healthier relationship with food.  I'm convinced that I have a great team of doctors supporting me this time around, and I feel as though I learned many a lesson through the horrific experience that was my 3.167 years with the LapBand (2+ of that with a severe slip).

I am mentally ready for the challenge this time.  Therein lies all the difference.


  1. yay and congratulations! So excited for you, I've lost 30 pounds since March 18th and I just love my sleeve. It is different than the band- the thing I like most is I'm just not hungry ALL the time like I was even with the band. You are going to love it!

  2. So glad for you. I had my LB removed 1 month ago and am freaking out about regain. I will have to see what happens. I will be reading to see how everything goes for you and your loss! You can do this!

  3. So excited Jen!!! O.C.? I was determined not to regain, but I did. C'est la vie - it'll be coming off for good soon enough!