Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heard of DietBet?

After watching a friend compete on DietBet through social media, I thought I'd check it out.  With a freshly removed LapBand (2 weeks post-op!), my hunger has returned and I want to keep myself in check.  My FitBit is on and logging my every move, MyFitnessPal is allowing me to track my intake and swimmingly syncs with my FitBit...but motivation is hard to come by when you've been miserable for so long with a slipped LapBand and have found a new lease on life with it removed!

I read through the FAQ's and found that bariatric patients aren't allowed to participate...but, lucky me, I'm in between surgeries at this point while I await insurance research from my doctor's office and, hopefully, a gastric sleeve surgery.  As such, I'm a prime candidate for this "DietBet" throw some money into a pool and have 28 days to lose 4% of your weight.  If you do, you split the total pot with everyone who achieved the goal.  Simple, right?  I threw $25 into a pot that has reached $6,150 (everyone bets the same amount, so we're looking at 246 players in my game)...I'm sure there will be many who reach the goal, so I'm not assuming I'll discover a new career path through weight loss (read: not quitting my day job).  After reading through all of their rules, verification, etc. and talking it over with my boyfriend, he joined in on a DietBet as well!  (Of course, we didn't want to join the same game - if we both win, we'd cost each other money by adding one more person to the split pot!)

You can join in games that are already established, create your own, vary the bet amount per game...and, oddly enough, it's working for me so far!  I hate losing money, so you can bet your ass I'm going to stop eating once I've hit my calorie intake for the day.  I did my official starting weigh-in for the game on Tuesday night and, as of my unofficial weigh-in last night, I've already lost 33% of the weight I have to lose by the end of the 28 days...I always love how the initial weight drops so quickly when you go back to doing what you're supposed to do!

Only the starting and ending weights are official, so it's funny to watch people log unofficial weights (i.e. we're only a few days in and one player has claimed to have lost 83% of her required total)...and even funnier to read the commentary by the people who are totally aghast at that competition and, seemingly, discouraged in their task.  :::mindgamesaresofunny:::

It's easy to drop weight rapidly...but not easy to maintain weight loss for a 28 day period.  Wish me luck - I'd love to be the sole winner and end up with a $6,150 prize (minus the site's fees)!

Update: I *did* win my DietBet!  I ended up just shy of doubling my $25 investment, but I'll take it!