Saturday, March 23, 2013

The LapBand is no more.

Good morning everyone!  It's actually so early in the morning (2:47am) that it may actually be "evening" to some, but it hasn't been that way for me since I was in my 20's :).

At any rate, my LapBand is officially removed!  I had my removal surgery at 7:30am yesterday - all went well with the surgery and, after picking up my pain meds at the local pharmacy, I was home and settled in on the couch by 1pm (I think...things were a little hazy having just awaken from the anesthesia sleep).  My boyfriend was so wonderful through the entire process at the hospital, complete with the phone call my doctor gave him after I awoke to update him on my surgery and status (he had been out in the car), and then coming in to sign my release paperwork and make sure I got into the car.  He's been amazing since we've been home - helping me up and down from the chair, making sure I have what I need, monitoring my temperature (my fever was a-risin' most of yesterday as a result of the surgery, but it never got above 101...and I'm back down to normal now).

The surgery: My doctors really are wonderful, and I'm so happy with their professionalism, bedside manner and compassion.  I woke up in recovery to Paul's smiling face with "good" news.  We originally had thought that my "pouch" had been herniated/stretched, which is why we saw it as so large in the latest fluoroscopy pictures.  In reality, my band had actually slipped so badly that the majority of my stomach was creating my pouch - yes, you read that LapBand had slipped that far down my stomach -yikes!  As a result, he says I won't have to wait the three months they originally quoted to convert to the gastric sleeve - most of what they'll be cutting was above the band, so he seems to think we can do the surgery quicker!  Yay!  I'm sure we'll be discussing more about that (and the sleeve) on my post-op visit...remind me to schedule that on Monday :).

The first day: I'm surprised with how much I'm able to move around - granted, I move slow...and I'm hunched over as I walk...and it's not without pain.  However, I've only taken my pain meds once since being home (at 8:30 pm last night).  I've mainly hung out in my recliner, watching TV and reading through social media - heck, I didn't even nap!  I fell asleep around 10pm and just woke up...although I'm sure I'll be going back to bed since it is only almost 3am.  I have 5 new incisions on mah belly (my old incisions from the LapBand placement have all but healed) that are all tender, covered by steristrips and band-aids.  I have pain when I stretch my muscles (to recline, get up out of my chair, sit back down, etc.), but I'm mostly able to sit/lie in a comfortable position that leaves me relatively pain free...unless I move!  I seemed to be more bothered by my chapped lips (to which I applied Carmex regularly in large quantities), my dehydration (which I've been feeding with massive amounts of water...then subsequently getting up to pee often), and the low grade fever that continued to rise (the highest it got was 100.6) - the fever seemed to break a few hours ago when my boyfriend came to check on me and I had been sweating.  I'm sure Day 2 - does it count as "Day 2" yet? - will be filled with more of the same relaxing, sleeping and recovering.  As the anesthesia continues to wear off, I may find myself in more pain and need to take more meds...but we'll see!

All in all I'm feeling good.  I was explaining to my boyfriend that although I'm in pain, I welcome it...because I know that this is part of the healing process that ends the years of misery caused by a slipped LapBand.  My boyfriend and I talked on the way home yesterday about the plan of attack for my food choices between now (well, when recovered) and the sleeve surgery - I'm going to be a bottomless pit and, I'm sure, starving!!  I'm still so stoked to have this thing out, and I look forward to moving forward!


  1. Amazing.... I am so glad that you are band-free and will be sleeved sooner rather than later. Happy Healing!

  2. Great news that the damage was not as bad as they thought. Hope you can have a quick turn around between surgeries and yea you will be a bottomless pit but don't worry about it to much, it comes off again fast after surgery. I put on about 12 kilos but Your metabolism is all over the place. Good luck with a speedy recovery.

  3. So glad to hear the good news! Wishing you all the best !