Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feelin' fine (ish)!

It's Sunday evening - not sure whether to count this as Day 2 post-op or Day 3 (did the operation day on Friday count as Day 1 since the surgery was done so early in the morning?), but I'm feeling, relatively, really good today!  I slept on and off most of the morning and early afternoon, but I'm getting around just fine today - even went grocery shopping with my boyfriend for some post-op friendly foods!  I've been able to move and bend with a little more ease than the previous days and even handled some mushy foods.  Even with the incision tenderness and sore stomach muscles, I'm still feeling like a new and better person than just a few days ago when the slipped LapBand was still a part of me!

My doctor had instructed me to wait until at least Saturday night to shower, but I finally took off my bandages and showered this morning instead - the steri strips are all intact and there was minimal bleeding revealed on the gauze/bandages I've now thrown away.  No signs of infection at this point, so I feel that I'm happily recovering well!

I'm still up in the air as to whether I'll return to work tomorrow or not...with the snow just beginning to fall and a 1.5 hour commute in gridlock traffic (which snow only makes worse...commuting through metro D.C. is a bitch), I think I'm more leery of having a seat belt on and dealing with stop and go traffic, having my seat belt constantly putting pressure ON my incisions, than actually being at work.  My energy level is still low and, as to be expected, I do have a fair amount of incision pain and tenderness - five incisions on the stomach will do that to ya!  My boyfriend would certainly like me to skip work tomorrow and have another day of rest...that's probably the wisest course of action :).

All in all, I'm happy to be recovering as swiftly as I am!


  1. Glad it all went well, it's say take it easy! x

  2. I agree with BF. Stay home and rest! Work will be there when you feel better...