Tuesday, March 19, 2013

72 hours...

The countdown continues!  72 hours from now I'll be at the hospital checking in for my 7:30am surgery!  What does that mean?  My LapBand will be removed, ending my:

  1. Daily forced regurgitation of food.
  2. Discomfort after eating solid food.
  3. Intolerance of solid food.
  4. Acid reflux (usually in the mornings...like now...which is why I'm blogging).
  5. Pity on myself.
Friday can't get here soon enough!!  While I'm excited for Friday and the next three months of healing, I'm a little scared about my stomach being a bottomless pit!  I told a colleague yesterday that I refuse to gain weight, as I'm already wearing the largest clothes I own.  I will not go spend more money on fatter clothes.  That will have to serve as my motivation!!

1 comment:

  1. so excited for you! Glad the road to recovery is so close and you get to continue moving forward with your weight loss goals :)