Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Remember me?

I haven't blogged in awhile, nor have I been good about reading your blogs.  I've been very much in a state of apathy.  To update from the last blog post, my insurance has denied my appeal to have revision/removal surgery of my band.  So, I continue to live life either monitoring quality/quantity of food or throwing up.  Life is grand, eh?  At some point (maybe this week, since today is the only day I have to go in to work this week), I'll write an appeal letter to the state's Insurance Commission, claiming the pre-existing condition of a slipped band that just needs to be fixed or removed!  Heck, I'd take either at this point, even though the thought of not having a band at all kinda scares me.

In other news, my boyfriend moved in with me at the end of February!  It's been wonderful having him here, and I'm so glad we're forging ahead in our life together!  I've let him being here serve as an excuse not to work out (hate leaving him here all day when I have to work, then taking more time for me to work out), and then I threw my back out...ugh.  I'm done gaining weight, though, so now that I've been off pain meds for a couple of days, it's back to the gym I go!  Being in the 220's is completely frustrating, as I feel as though I've been there forever.  I'm still proud of that weight related to where I started, but it's freakin' time for onederland!!!  I haven't lost any significant amount of weight in the last year, and I'm done with it.  I know it's up to me - my daily choice to work out, my many-times-a-day choice of what to eat (or not to eat!)...my motivation, though, has been sorely lacking.  I feel good when I step on the scale and see a lower weight than the last time I weighed, but that has not been triggering the motivation to continue lately.

Reminds me of that commercial..."Where did it go?  Have you seen it?  Did I leave it at home?  Where is my motivation?"  Hell if I know, but I gotta get it back!


  1. I am here for support... You can do it!

  2. I'm so sorry you've had to go through all this with your band!!!

    That's great that you have your boyfriend moved in and you're enjoying having him there! Hopefully once you get past the adjustment period you can develop a more normal routine and start working out more. Maybe he'll want to go with you! :)

  3. I'd absolutely love for him to work out with me! My gym is a women's only gym, though...I HAVE asked him to go for walks with me, but coming off of a severe back injury (worker's comp) from his old job that never fully got healed, he's not too keen on movement in general. Oh well - I can do this! Thanks for the well wishes :)