Sunday, January 22, 2012

Health Month

In my continued effort to stay on the bandwagon (trying to reach my goal weight by my 32nd birthday, which means I need to lose 2 pounds a week until it happens on August 28, 2012), I've tried to find new ways to motivate myself:

1. Health Month (talked about it in my last post, but I'm doing it again!) - This is a little online game I play daily that allows you to set rules for yourself to follow.  You can create a maximum of three rules to play for free, so I did!  For the month of January (you play a new game each month), my goals were to exercise 5x a week for a minimum of 30 minutes, drink 60 glasses of water a week and stay under my recommended calories (for me, a minimum of a 1,000 calorie deficit vs. what I burn - thanks bodybugg!) 5x a week.  I log in each morning to check in on the previous day's results, and I'm absolutely honest!  If you're on track, you earn points and fruit.  If you're not, you lose life points (you start with 10 each month) - fruit can heal you (and others!) if you've lost life points.  You can also communicate with people, heal others, get healed, seek advice, etc. on the game wall.  It's fairly simple to understand once you play with it, and it really is working to motivate me on those three things!  It's somewhat silly that a trivial game on the internet actually forces me to do the things I want to be doing...but whatever works, eh?  If you try out Health Month and decide to play (or are already playing), let me know so I can add you to my list of friends!

2. Ongoing Exercise - In an effort to USE the gym membership I'm paying for (a first for me!) and keep up with Health Month, I'm actually putting gym classes into my busy calendar so that I can be reminded of when to hit the classes I want to go to!  I try to put something in my calendar every day - whether it's a class at the gym, workout time or Personal Training sessions with my trainer.  I met with my trainer for the first time yesterday and enjoyed learning about the weight machines and exercises I could do to help strengthen my target areas - I've never done much on my own because I didn't know what to do and didn't know how to operate those machines effectively.  She's got me on a plan for the week and I see her again on Friday!  I can't afford PT sessions once these free sessions that I got for joining the gym expire, but I'm hoping to work some group PT sessions into my budget!

3. Smoking - Yes, after 34 days of not having a single puff of smoke, I've picked it back up.  Why?  Well, I found that those 34 days were wrought with frequent snacking, mourning the habit and general unhappiness.  Isn't quitting smoking supposed to make you proud of yourself and happy in the new lifestyle?  It wasn't.  Not for me.  While I realize smoking is horrible for me, being able to go out and have a cigarette is part of what has kept me calm and away from snacking since beginning my weight loss journey.  I recognize the pile of excuses I'm making here, but it's the decision I've made for myself.  I'm not smoking as much as I used to, and I'm trying to stick to that, but it really is helping me to keep my mind and fingers off of the food that was killing my weight loss plan.  I fell into a deep food depression in Nov/Dec of 2011 after getting the news of my slipped LapBand and the denied surgery from my insurance company - it's funny how I can snack on little things that are horrible for me all day (candy, chips, etc.), but I can't eat anything in large portions without regurgitation.  It's a horrible way to live, but that's what I did to myself...and 25 pounds came back on in the process.  I refuse to let it get the best of me, and smoking seems to be my coping mechanism to help with that (yes, an excuse).  I don't know...maybe if Nick were to finally move in with me, I'd have something else to occupy my brain and hands!!  Someday...for now, this is my decision...for better or worse.

Ta da!


  1. Sounds like you are taking control of your life....for you. Good job.

  2. That sounds like a fun game, I'll have to try it. Yeah whatever works and whatever you need to do to get healthy!

  3. Health month sounds like a great motivational tool :o)

    And don't beat yourself up because you went back to smoking, it is a very hard habit to break and took me several attempts, when you are ready to quit, that is the time you will succeed!