Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feeling good!

I'll start by saying that my weight loss hasn't been what I'd hoped for January, but it's a pretty good average for a month (down about 10 pounds so far)!  2012 is definitely looking a lot better for weight loss than 2011, although I need to continue to get my calories under control.  I am proud of myself, though, for doing so good at keeping my caloric burn and workout routine!  I've never had a "routine," nor have I ever focused much on the whole "exercise" portion of this journey.  Since joining a women's gym a few weeks ago, though, I'm proud to say that I've been making exercise a real part of my life.  I'm enjoying group classes, have enjoyed my free one-on-one training sessions and actually enjoy some solitary cardio with my mp3 player in my ears!  Although building muscle, which I'm sure I've been doing this month, doesn't help with weight loss initially, I know that building that muscle will help my body burn more calories overall.  Essentially, I can't complain...I'm proud of the 2012 me and can only hope (well, "hope" is really the wrong word since it's up to me) that I can continue 2012 in the same manner it's goal weight and body are bound to hit me in 2012 if I keep this up!

Life really is starting to feel like it's controllable.  Despite a slipped LapBand, I'm not making excuses.  I'm focusing on protein and calories in my food, keeping up with laundry and housework, working on my financial health, getting my daily/weekly recommended amounts of water (new focus for me!), actually taking my multivitamins every day (another new one for me!) and incorporating exercise and "me time" into my life.  I've always been a workaholic, but I know that giving 100% of myself to my work doesn't leave any percentage left for me.  While I feel slight anxiety for leaving things at work unfinished for another day, I know this investment I'm making into me (putting gym classes into my calendar, for instance, forcing me to actually leave the office) is worth it's weight in gold.  What are YOU doing to improve YOU in 2012?


  1. You put me to shame with all the organization you have in place :p

    Glad to hear you have had a great month, even if it wasn't as good as you wanted it to be! And you inspire me to start doing a little bit more of my own organizing :o) Thanks!