Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Year, Another Readjusted Attitude!

So it's 2012.  I've had a LapBand for two years now, but it's been slipped for 3 months and impacting both my ability to eat a majority of foods and my attitude.  I remember being down to a low of 216 pounds, but coming home from Winter Break found me back up to 241 pounds.  I put on 25 pounds?!  How is that even possible with all of the regurgitation I do on a daily basis?  I'll tell ya how - beverages and crunchy foods (read: chips, cheeseballs, etc.) go down fairly well!  Funny that I can't stomach real foods (lettuce, bread, tomato, etc.), but I can handle the crap!

A 25 pound gain was the result of that bad attitude, and I refuse to let it continue to get the best of me.  I joined a gym last weekend - the apartment's mini-gym wasn't cutting it for me anymore and I knew I needed help learning how to tone up as I lost these last pounds in my journey.  Since joining Saturday I've already met with a trainer to get measured and establish my goals, and I've participated in a "Cardio Fusion" class (alternating strength training and cardio exercises for an hour) which literally kicked my ass (no, really, we did hamstring kicks and kicked our own ass)...I'm still sore all over, in muscle groups I didn't know I had, from that class on Sunday.

I'm also playing Health Month - a little online game where  you establish rules for yourself to follow.  You've got to check in every day to verify which rules you're following, and you either lose or gain points in the game for holding yourself accountable.  My three rules include working out for at least 30 minutes five times a week, drinking at least 60 glasses of water per week and staying within my recommended calories at least five times a week.  So far I've kicked ass on the workout one (I've worked out every day of 2012 except for two, one of them being the day I traveled home from break) and the water, which is quite a feat for someone who hardly EVER drank water prior to this little game!  I'm having trouble with the calories, but that's more mental than anything else.  Regardless, I'm already down 7.8 pounds in 2012...so I'll take it!

I'm part of a Facebook group (Healthy in 2012 with The Bariatric Guru!) that is full of weight loss wannabe's (surgical and non) who work together to address stumbling blocks, motivation, etc.  Our first "project" was to create our own Vision Board, helping us to visualize what we wanted 2012 to be for us.  I'll admit, it was a neat endeavor...and mine is bee-yoo-tee-ful:


I also put it as the desktop picture on both my home and work computers and on my cell phone - so I'm motivated by my own visualizations everywhere I go!

Soooo...Happy New Year to EVERYONE!  Hope you've made some changes in the first ten days of 2012 that you intend to stick with - whether it be mental, physical or food related.  Remember, you're only as strong as you choose to be :).

(P.S. It SNOWED here yesterday and actually stuck to the ground - my first time since being a resident of the East Coast!  Didn't see this in Southern California!!)


  1. Wow, you are the first person I have "met" who is also playing health month! Cool. Sounds like you are off to a great start!!