Saturday, November 5, 2011

Changing Attitude.

Clearly, it's what I need to do.  I'll admit that many of the PB/vomit episodes I've had this week are because I'm depressed about my situation and am overcompensating my chowing down on either food I shouldn't eat, forcing quantities that are too large or bites that are too big/fast (despite what I wrote in my last post, I know that if I really analyze what's been making me throw up, it's mostly user error).  This is yet another sign that I need to have LapBand revision surgery instead of removal - I won't do this on my own.

It's time to derail the pity party train.  So far today I've had a small serving of oatmeal, 2 cups of coffee and a grilled turkey burger on 100 calorie deli flat bread (if you haven't tried these yet, they're great for bandsters!) with a little bit of mustard.  While this may not seem like much food by 2:09pm in the day, I've accepted that it's enough for me and, really, all my band will tolerate.

And now?  I need to go burn some calories.  I've been trying to find the motivation for a good walk for hours now.  Methinks I just need to change out of my pajamas, put on some tennis shoes and just do it.

Latest NSV:  Finally had to switch out the "large" bodybugg band for the "small" one - both came in the box.  The large band got to the point where I'd have to wear the bodybugg somewhat loose because, otherwise, there was too much band left in order to velcro to itself.  Yay for the small band!

Update 3 hours later: The turkey burger was apparently too much for me.  As tiny as it was, it decided to come back up.  Blech.

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  1. Woohoo! Awesome NSV! It sounds like you've made the right decision for you and you know what you need to do!