Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm better NOW!

But the week didn't start out that's the timeline:

Thursday 9/29 - Fill (thank god - I'd been eating SO much and gained 13 pounds!)
Sunday 10/2 - While still on the "mushies," as per doctor's instructions, I carefully sampled a pumpkin swirl brownie from the batch I had made for my co-workers...immediately got stuck and started throwing up everything, including liquids
Monday 10/3 - Took the day off work after puking all night...forced myself to chug water/gatorade just to keep some down, even though I knew it'd come back up...continued to throw up everything - acid, liquids, chunks from days gone by...yeah, gross
Tuesday 10/4 - Unfill from the doc (had lost 14 pounds since the fill 5 days earlier), able to drink water at his office, but closed up again by that evening.  Continued to throw up liquids.  Called doc's emergency line - he told me to get some antacids and to come again in the morning if I was still having problems.
Wednesday 10/5 - 3rd day in a row off work, complete unfill from the doc.  Finally able to sip liquids.  Doc noticed how pale I was, how dry my lips were, etc.
Thursday 10/6 - Made it 5 hours at work, couldn't drink my Starbucks coffee (drank water instead), tried to drink some soup to no home, napped and continued to hydrate.  Realized that not only was I weak from dehydration, but also from the fact that I hadn't had calories in a milkshake down :).
Friday 10/7 - Today I made it 6 hours at work, felt like I had more energy, and even drank most of a protein smoothie for lunch.  Stopped at the grocery store on the way home and was able to actually finish a bowl of soup when I got home.

I'm feeling better now, but not at 100%.  Although I barely worked at all this week, it's already time for the weekend!  I'm hoping to continue hydrating and putting some calories into my body so I can be normal by the time I go back to work on Tuesday (yup - we have Monday off!!).  My doc does want to see me on Monday for a barium swallow (yay...another $75 co-pay at the stupid surgery center), but that's the extent of my plans for the three-day weekend.  Since my band is completely empty again, I'm not sure if the doc is planning to fill me at all on Monday or just look at what's going on since I had so much irritation.  Either way, I'm determined not to get off the good track I started last week once my insides are all healed up...hunger or no hunger!


  1. Oh my how scary! I wouldn't plan on getting a fill Monday.

    Concentrate on hydration and good quality calories. Hope the barium swallow shows nothing out of place!

  2. holy cow that sounds like a rough ordeal. unbelieveable how fickle these bands can be! Good job on listening to your body and seeking medical attention though. I've had a few rough patches along the way and know that i'm living proof that a person can go without food for quite some time, but i dehydrate quickly and that's nothing to play around with! Hope all goes well with the barium swallow and you get some answers so you can get right back on the right tracl