Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Rocktober!!

I haven't been around, primarily because I was ashamed to come over here and say anything.  September 2011 saw a complete 180 in my LapBand issues...went from throwing up everything I ate to being able to consume anything I wanted!  I gained weight, didn't handle temptation well, etc.

Went back to the doc on Sept. 29th and got a fill (I have no idea how much, but I went through two cups of water testing the band's limits before he was satisfied he had the proper adjustment).  According to his records, I had gained 13 pounds (I like his records...because I think I actually gained more than that).  I scheduled my next evaluation for October 31st and, as I was leaving the office, the doc made sure I knew that I "owe him 13 pounds."  I started to tell him that I owe him that plus what I should have lost in September, but he assured me he doesn't charge interest :).  Have I professed yet how happy I am with my new doctor?!

At any rate, I'm back on the wagon now...I've been on liquids the past two days to let my adjustment sit, and I'm on mushies for the weekend...solid foods again on Monday.  The doc told me to be careful as I adjust back into normal foods, as he gave me a larger fill than he had anticipated.  He also said that if I get miserable, am too tight, etc., I am to call back immediately because, "You can't lose weight if you're miserable."  (Can somebody call my old doctor and tell him that?)

September was pretty much a depressing month for me.  Although it was glorious to eat foods again (and, boy, did I!), I had two big projects due at work and the weight gain/lack of self-control really brought me down overall.  I'm looking forward to ROCKING October (hence the "Rocktober" in the blog post title) and handing the doctor more than the 13 pounds he asked for when I see him on Halloween!  And the new goal?


P.S. I'm already down 4 pounds since seeing him on Thursday!  Bring it on!


  1. I don't blame you for going a little crazy with being able to eat again. You suffered so much for way too long! I'm glad you got a doctor who doesn't have his head shoved up his ass!

    I know you'll kick those 13 lbs. to the curb real soon!