Friday, October 28, 2011

Good week...kinda!

I feel good about what I did this week for myself.  I worked out Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today (skipped Thursday after hitting my head, hard, on the steel door frame at work...little bump and some blurred vision, but I'll be okay!).  In addition to that, I've stayed on liquids about 97% of the time since my last PB episode 8 days ago - doctor's orders!  Barium swallow on Monday should reveal that everything's back to normal...I'll probably get a fill at this point...and I REALLY hope I'll be able to chew solid foods again by late next week!  I'm so fucking sick of liquids that I want to kill myself (we call that "hyperbole").

I've seen a great calorie deficit just about every day this week, but my weight is moving a rate of about 0.2 pounds per day.  My boyfriend jokes that it's because I've been working out - it seems that if I hit my deficit but don't work out, I lose weight.  If I hit my deficit and work out, I always maintain.  Stupid body.  My goal with my bodybugg program is to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day (measured in calorie burn rate per minute) and 5,000 steps per day.  I know it's not a rigorous plan, but hitting that every day is more than I've done throughout most of my journey!  I didn't feel like hitting the treadmill tonight, but I did bust out the Wii Fit Plus and got my physical activity in...but not my steps.  Although it's rainy and drizzly outside (snow expected tomorrow - why the hell did I move to the East Coast again?), I'm seriously contemplating a brisk walk around the apartment complex.  I really want my 5,000 steps!!  As of now, I'm a little less than 1,500 steps away from hitting that for the day...and the extra calorie burn won't be a bad thing (or, it will, because exercising causes weight maintain/gain on me).

ANEEWAYZE - I'm proud of the commitment I made to myself this week.  I came home from work and put my workout clothes/shoes on and headed straight to the gym Monday through Wednesday, because I knew I wouldn't get up to workout if I allowed myself to sit down and watch TV or play on Facebook.  I'm proud that I've kept up my daily calorie deficit, burn, steps, physical activity, etc., despite seeing little movement on the scale.  I'm still waiting to get out of the 220's (220.4 both today and yesterday), but I know it's coming soon...and I vow to NEVER see that decade again!

Onederland by 2012, bitches.  It's so happening!

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  1. I have the same issues. If I work out I actually have to EAT MORE than I would think or my body won't give uo an ounce.