Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2 more weeks of liquids...

After last week's tightness and dehydration episodes, I'm back to being able to drink normally and had my 3rd barium swallow on Monday.  My pouch is, yet again, enlarged and the doc doesn't like the position of my LapBand (again).  After seeing the screen, the doc wanted to drain my LapBand...until I told him he had already done that last week when I was so tight I could only keep spit down.  Oh well - I'm on liquids (again) now until I have my next barium swallow on the 24th, and then will probably get an adjustment and be on liquids for two more this rate?  I'll be able to eat solid food again by Halloween - yay candy!!  Hahah!

Thankfully, most of the weight I lost from dehydration last week has decided to stay off of my body, despite the fact that I'm back to normal and fully hydrated this week.  I hit 222.0 (again) today and am excited to bust through 23 more pounds in the next 11 weeks and 3 days so I can be in "onderland" by 2012 - my current goal!  My weight tracking program tells me that will require a loss of 2.01 a week...I got this :).


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