Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Why do people CHOOSE this as a course of weight loss?  Ugh.  I've had quite the week with my band:

Monday - Learned I had to reschedule Tuesday's intensive doctor visit/surgery center testing because my old doctor faxed my medical records to the wrong medical group.  Awesome.  I don't miss them, I don't.  The day continued with little eating for fear of getting massively stuck/ ended with several hours of rest and hydration after standing up, feeling dizzy, and then literally falling on the ground shaking at my house after slamming into my glass patio sliding door.  Ugh.  I also did some research on hypoglycemia and low iron in light of my "unable to eat solid foods" issue...

Tuesday - More dizziness in the morning, but made it through a day of work and was sure to try to stuff in as many carbs and food as I could (that came out to a 100-calorie bag of popcorn and about 1/4 of a muffin the entire day of work).  Came home to stuff myself some more with crunchy things I could tolerate...still ended up waking up at 11:30pm to throw up my belly's contents for the day.

Wednesday - Dizziness is gone, but now I'm just sleepy...yeah, a lack of energy (read: food) will do that to you.  I didn't drink coffee today, but instead chose to drink water to keep hydrated.  Managed to get a little food down while at work, then tried a few ounces of pork chop and rice when I got home.  Spent the evening completely stuck and miserable again until my belly decided to give all of that food to my toilet just a few minutes ago.

Ugh.  I am completely drained, but trying to keep a smile on my face!  I do get to see the doctor next Monday (mental note: call new doc to make sure my ass clown doctors from CA got my records sent over this time), and I'm hoping things will start to look up!  I did not sign up for weight loss by bulimia.


  1. You poor thing...feel better soon!

  2. :-( that is horrible!!! i hope it gets better soon!!