Thursday, August 18, 2011

14.8 pounds away...

I updated my ticker this morning with today's weight.  I had been down at 216.6 last week, but I suppose I overate this weekend (didn't wear the bodybugg and was just trying to get food down when I could), and then since starting on liquids on Monday, my body is rehydrating...I hate when I gain weight for GOOD reason.  Ugh.  At any rate, I'm back down to 217.8 this morning...which means?

I'm 14.8 pounds away from being "overweight."  Not morbidly obese, not obese...just "overweight."  Considering most skinny/healthy Americans actually live in the "overweight" BMI category, I suppose I'll be in pretty good company!  It's still insane to me to think that my unhealthy, obese days are going to be soon behind me.  I know that I've already put many of the bad eating habits I had to rest (even though the fat girl in my head could really go for a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese any day of the week), and, despite the issues I've had with the Band, I'm really glad I made this choice.

Funny-ish story?  I picked up a Driver's License application a month ago and immediately filled it out, but had to wait for the moving company to get here with my boxes in order to get some of the documents that the DMV needed to prove my identity.  I finally took the application and the documents in yesterday, but noticed I had written "225" down as my weight.  At the counter, I told the lady that I'm on a weight loss journey and had actually already passed down the number I had written a month ago (a month ago, I had been holding steady at about 230, waiting to see if I was ever going to get fixed so I could tolerate foods and actually MOVE on the journey again).  Not wanting to be misleading, I ended up changing the number to 200.  I'm not far from that number now, and my goal weight is 169, but I figured that was much more accurate than the 225 I had already passed!  My license won't expire until 2018...I think when I do reach my goal weight, I'm going to go pay for a replacement...heck, when I pass into "onederland," I never want to see my weight listed as starting with anything but a "1" ever again! 

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  1. You should have put 199 as your weight.

    My driver's license says 220 and it is good until 2017. I should change it!

    Yeah for (almost) being just overweight!