Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm not hungry... why do I want to eat?  I've been really good since getting home on Wednesday - counting every calorie that goes into my mouth, wearing my bodybugg to track my burn...and it's paid off with some weight loss just in the past two days!  Tomorrow?  I may finally be at the lowest weight since starting my journey...and, this time, I don't plan on going back up to the 230's!

Being home with nothing on the calendar sure has it's pitfalls, though.  While I've enjoyed the time to clean my house, cook food, etc...I get bored.  A workaholic/foodaholic is dangerous with nothing to do.  I really wanted ice cream last night, and even went to the grocery store (also had to return a Redbox movie), but couldn't bring myself to buy any ice cream after picking up nearly half a dozen cartons and looking at their calorie content.  I opted for those Yoplait frozen fruit smoothie deals instead...satisfied when I came home to a delicious, creamy, low-in-calorie snack.  I was proud of myself for making that choice.

Today?  I found myself bored again, but knowing that I had recently eaten, - and was full, mind you - I decided to utilize my Wii Fit Plus game and did an hour of activity.  Wow...who am I?  And where has Joia gone?  Truth be told, it was all about the bodybugg again - having been generally sedentary for the first half of the day, and knowing the rest of my day was going to be more of the same, I knew I wouldn't hit my calorie burn if I didn't get up and move.

Bottom line...the bodybugg is a wonderful tool if you need something to help you be accountable to yourself.  As much as I hate counting calories, I love numbers.  I love seeing the exact calorie burn versus intake and knowing that my target deficit of 1,100 calories a day will not only make me feel good about sticking to the plan, but also makes that scale move.  Amazing what eating less and moving more will do for ya, eh?

I'm not hungry, nor could my LapBand hold any more food at this point - I'm still full from the lunch and snack I had several hours ago. head hunger needs to knock itself off.  Seriously.

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  1. Great post! I am inspired and so proud of you for going to the store and not buying delicious high fat/calories ice cream. That takes determination and commitment to your ultimate goal!!