Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heading to a wedding!

No, not sister's.  I'm heading south a couple of hours today for the bachelorette gathering, rehearsal and dinner tomorrow night and then the wedding on Saturday.  To be honest, I'm a bit leery of the whole thing - I've been doing SO GOOD tracking my calories in/out...I'm down to 226 pounds today (the weight loss slowed after the initial spurt, which I knew it would) and I DREAD returning to the 230's because of a family occasion.

I've already decided that drinking is out of the question for the weekend - perhaps a Bud Light or a glass of champagne here and there, but I know those calories can add up quickly.  In addition to that, I know that if I start drinking...eating of all the finger foods comes, too!  In addition, I'm not completely stoked about the fact that we have dinner reservations tonight at a place whose menu has no nutritional facts (yes, I tried to e-mail them - no response), looks completely horrible for you, etc.  Although I won't know calorie counts for the weekend, I'm still determined to be one of those picky order-ers and demand that I eat as healthy as I know possible!

The 230's have haunted me for months.  I refuse to let this wedding weekend slow my progress!


  1. You'll be fine...enjoy yourself and just relax. I wedding will not kill you but if you feel like you are depriving yourself, you may wind up cracking under the pressure and overindulging. Just eat and enjoy a little. You can do it!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog this evening and it is crazy how much your lap band journey mirrors mine. I've been stuck at my current weight at what seems like FOREVER.