Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fix me, please!

Coming up on my 15 monthiversary of having my LapBand, and I'm satisfied with my results thus far.  What I'm not satisfied with, though, is the excessive adjustments I've had to have due to tightness and acid reflux.  I got adjusted back down to 7.0cc (we think) a couple of weeks ago, hoping that I could eat solid foods again and that the reflux would disappear.  7.0cc is fairly loose for someone who had been surviving at 9.0cc...or so we thought...

I'm eating solid foods...ish.  It's bizarre, really.  I eat a little bit, and then get ILL.  I don't PB...trust me, I've tried (remembers running out of a council meeting this weekend twice to PB in the bathroom...and nothing came up).  I don't eat much...I just get...ugh.  A fellow council member told me I looked sick...and I felt it.  I don't know what's going on there.

And, of course, the acid reflux is around with a vengeance.  What the hell is going on?  My doc told me not to take any medication for it so that I wasn't "masking the symptoms," but I finally broke down and took some Prevacid again today (it's not helping yet).  I called in sick today to work after vomiting acid again last night...this is getting really old.

What if my band's slipped?  What if I have an ulcer?  I'm pissed that my doctor's can't get me scheduled to even LOOK at what's going on...my life is stressful enough without having to deal with this.

Change doctors?  I will, soon.  I'm pending some job interviews right now that may take me out of the city I'm in...in which case, I'll look for a new doc in the new town.  If those don't pan out, I'll be looking for another doctor locally.  I'm sick of being sick!


  1. I'm so sorry you're going through all this. I know the misery of being too tight. It made me consider band removal in my worst moments.

    Why can't you even get an appointment? Have you considered going to the ER?

    Hope you get it figured out fast!

  2. How miserable! I had a horrible attack of acid reflux recently and had an almost complete un-fill. The reflux is gone now, thank God. I agree that your doctor isn't paying enough attention. I also agree that you should be on the Previcid.

    That feeling sick after eating is exactly how the acid makes me feel. I'll vomit even though I'm not stuck after eating.

    I think you need to get even more out, I'm afraid. Have enough removed so that the acid goes away and then re-assess. I hope it is not a slipped band!

  3. @Sarah - they want me to go to Los Angeles on a Thursday morning to do the barium swallow...apparently that's the ONLY time they have. Unfortunately, I'm a teacher who's out of the classroom enough with my union work, and I refuse to accept that's the ONLY time/place they can do this. They had me scheduled for last Thursday night (which worked out perfectly since I had to be in Los Angeles for work for the rest of the weekend - I live 100 miles north of Los Angeles), but then called me two days in advance to tell me they actually DON'T do the procedure at night. Now they're trying to find somewhere locally I can get it done in a different time frame, but they want to run it by my doctor now...who only comes in on Wednesdays.

    Would the ER even be able to do anything?

  4. It sucks that you are going through this, I hope it settle down or if not, you get to see a doctor soon to sort it all out.