Saturday, March 5, 2011

Acid Reflux. It's beyond getting old.

I'm at 9.0cc in a 14.0cc band.  For the first time, that high level of fill was finally working for me.  I'm losing weight again, making healthy eating choices, being a good LapBand patient, etc.  In the past, 9.0cc has been a nightmare of being too full.  But now that I'm in the 230's, my body was handling that level of fill quite nicely...

...until this past Wednesday evening.  I had a visit with the doctor scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, but chose to cancel it (it was a 3 week post-unfill visit).  I was exhausted from a busy week last week, my LapBand had been doing great on restriction, I wasn't having any issues, reason to waste an hour of my life going to see the doctor.  Of course, Wednesday night brought the issues.  I'm back to having acid reflux again, I'm barely able to eat/drink (drinking happens very slowly, eating is happening in 2-3 bites in a thirty minute food gets cold, every bite is torturous and slow, I'm PBing if I eat more, etc.).  Since Wednesday, I've woken up each night to spit out acid because it wakes me up...WTH?!  WHY did my band tighten up on me?

I'm trying liquids today and tomorrow to see if maybe (a) I've irritated the band with some of the PBing that's gone on this week and/or (b) I've just been so stressed out with work that I need to let my band relax.  This really sucks...prior to Wednesday, I finally felt like I had found my perfect level of restriction - that was 13 months in the making.  I really don't want to get an unfill because I don't want to have less restriction, so I've got until March 16th (next date I can see my doctor) to get this figured out.  'Scuse me, Ms. LapBand?  Let's get back to where we were a week ago, mkay?  I liked you then.

If any of y'all out there have any suggestions/empathy stories - I'd love to hear them!


  1. I love your FB look really pretty in blue. I'm glad you are losing weight. When I have reflux and PB type feelings; I try to give my system time to rest on liquids and soft soft foods. Hope you feel better; but I'm glad you are seeing losses again.

  2. I'm so sorry, hun! Feel better soon :)

  3. Liquids=good idea (PB's definitely make the reflux worse). If you haven't already, get an OTC reflux med (I now take Zantac just before bedtime and it did the trick, and I think you can take one during the day as well). Feel better! -BG

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, BG. I picked up Prevacid 24 yesterday and just took my first one (it says to take it in the morning with a glass of water before eating). I'm hoping this gives me some relief!