Saturday, March 12, 2011

2 Kinds of Fat Chicks.

While lying in bed the other night, waiting for the acid in my throat to die down enough to fall asleep (finally bought Prevacid yesterday and took my first pill this morning), I was thinking about all of YOU.  There's a reason we get along so well...a reason we choose who, among our list of blogging friends, we like/get along with better...or who we might go out of our way to meet when we're near their town.

Fat Chick #1 - You're the girl who kept to herself when you were a big girl...the introvert, the one who was so ashamed of how she looked that she dared not approach the rest of the people in the world.  You were quiet, reclusive, and generally found excuses not to be around people.  Your blogs tend to be more about self-discovery and internal reflection, and tend to have a bigger meaning to fat chicks #2 who never realized there were people in the world like you.

Fat Chick #2 - You're the girl who saw her overweight-ness as a free ticket to have a big personality.  You were always loud, obnoxious, fun, and people loved you.  You may have been told you had a "pretty face," and you were never short on friends.  Everyone had a fat, funny friend in their group, right?  You were it.  You thought that if you were the sarcastic one, people wouldn't notice you were fat.  Your blogs tend to be appealing to other fat chick #2's because they identify with your quirky personality, and have found a "kindred spirit."  Fat chicks #1 tend to read your blogs and are amazed by the courage you show in facing the world.

Am I spot on here?  Or am I over-stereotyping how we've each survived being fat chicks in our former lives? I'd like to think I'm fat chick #2...even though I'm not as funny a blogger as some others I read.  I'm not trying to be offensive to anyone on here, but I randomly have thoughts about all of you and the blogs I read, apparently, when I'm lying in bed.

Maybe it's just the flu I've got right now playing weird tricks on my head.  Or the sincere lack of calories since I can't handle much in the way of solid foods and can't get in to see my doctor for at least another almost two weeks.  Or the acid reflux/heartburn that just won't go away.  I'm sick in the head...and everywhere else.


  1. I'm a #2, but I also don't feel like my blog is really that interesting... so I guess I'm a #2 that lacks some confidence eventhough I know I'm perfectly competent. Doesn't make sense, I know...

  2. I'd say I was a 1.5. I'm a #1, but I played a #2 on TV.

  3. I would have to say I am a #1. I have always been jealous of those who are a #2. They seem so comfortable in their skin and others respond to their outgoing personality. I can actually feel their confidence as they walk by and I truly do not see their weight but their spirit.

  4. I am so a #2. I called it my "Natalie" personality in reference to "The Facts of Life" show from the 80's. She was surrounded by Tootie, Blair and Jo and since she was the "big" girl, she had to be the funny one.

    I was always the Natalie.

  5. I would have to say that I am a #2 with #1 tendencies... I have my moments when I want to be an introvert, but sometimes, as I am sure that my blog will soon show, I have a #2. I appreciate you posting this blog though. I think it's important that everyone realizes who they are and we all work together to make each other fabulous.

  6. I think I'm more like 1.6 - depending on the situation I either am very quiet or I make my presence known. Depending on my level of "Fatness" is where I fall on the scale. But, do I think you're spot on? Absolutely!:)