Saturday, February 12, 2011

100 pounds, bishes!

I'm a little delayed in writing this post, but I'm glad to see the scale having some rapid movement lately!  I got a tiny (0.25cc) adjustment on February 3rd (and then drove off to a weekend CTA State Council session in Los Angeles)...ate fine after 24 hours of liquid, ate fine the next day...then BAM.  Acid reflux again, too tight, couldn't drink more than a sip of water at a was miserable.  I woke up at least twice a night just to sit over the toilet and puke up black acid from my stomach.  Awesome, eh?  I was dehydrated, thirsty, etc...tried putting myself on liquids to help the swelling that was probably going on, but without being able to really drink, no such luck on healing.

I went back to the doctor on February 9th and got the 0.25cc taken back out.  It took a few days of liquids, hour-long eating sessions to get down a few ounces of food, etc. and I'm finally feeling somewhat normal today.  It took me an hour to eat breakfast this morning, but I ate more than a few ounces - yay!  I'm also back to being able to drink like a normal human being :).

The upside of the trial over the last week and a half is that my scale moved with lightspeed!  Yeah, I will probably go back up a couple of pounds as I start to rehydrate again, but I'm going to claim the following (FINALLY):

  1. I'm out of the 240's...F*CK, that took FOREVER.  I entered the 240's in early took THREE FREAKIN' MONTHS to lose that 10 pounds!  
  2. I FINALLY hit my 100 pound weight loss - on February 9th :).


I wasn't able to weigh in this morning (I'm a daily weigher) because I was on an overnight trip with students, but I'm anxious to see what the scale says tomorrow now that I'm eating and drinking again...PLEASE DEAR GOD keep me away from the 240's (I'm so sick of that freakin' decade and never want to see it again) and keep me below 238.2 so my 100 pound loss can be validated!


  1. Congrats! What a great milestone to reach!

  2. Go you! I am battling the 240's myself. I'm trying to hit the 50 lb mark and I'm about 1 lb away. So frustrating... :)

  3. Sorry it took such a ruff time to get you out of the 240's, but I am glad you did. Congratulations :o)

  4. so glad to hear this!!! ex-CIT-ing news!

  5. YAY!!! Congrats on your 100lb loss!!!

  6. 100 lbs! OMG! That is so awesome! Welcome to the Century Club!

  7. Sorry I'm a little late on the congrats, but I am so happy for you!!! You are amazing!