Monday, January 24, 2011

Do you Yahoo?

While I like reading your blogs and getting to know the few of you who have friended me on Facebook (link's to the left if you wanna add me!), I miss social networking via Yahoo messenger.  Anyone chat online?  I'd love to have real conversations with many of you, when life/time permit.  Heck, those messages even go to my phone!

Hit me up, if ya yahoo: stretchzgurl


  1. Doh! I use msn messenger. I agree it is great to have a chat tho in real time.

  2. Then we can add each other! MSN and Yahoo are interchangeable now in that we can add each other, regardless of chat platform :)

  3. Dear Joia, thanks for the Stylish Blogger Award...I already was awarded it a couple days before. Here is my post. I didn't label it properly initially because it was my first award. I enjoyed post and I was very delighted to get awarded again by you!!!