Friday, December 10, 2010

And I'm feeling gooooood....

What a great week it's been!  Although I'm heading to the doctor again tomorrow (gonna get more fill put back in - I'm still starving!), it's been great to be over the TOM, lose ALL the pounds I gained last week plus some, and really concentrate on my self control!  Being at 7.5cc again is weird...I can still eat - not as much as I was eating at 6.5cc - but the hunger is still there.  Determined not to let my hunger and TOM get the best of me, and determined to lose the gain from last week, I've been on a mission!  As of this morning, I'm down to 240.2 (that's a loss of 4.2 pounds since Sunday!!), and I'm so STOKED to see the next decade!  Why?
  1. I'll finally hit my 100 pound loss!
  2. I'll hit my 30% total body weight lost.
  3. I'll hit the "Obese (Class 1)" category...only a little bit more until I'm just "Overweight."
  4. I'll have passed through the 240's decade in record time!
I've indulged in some guilty pleasures this week, but still have seen weight loss every day (yes, I'm a daily weigher) because I'm paying attention to the calories I'm consuming.  No, I don't track calories...but having a general idea in my head of what I've been eating every day sure helps me regulate what I'm doing!  I've also been good about remembering to bring my "jug o' water" with me each day to work...that sucker holds almost 60 ounces of water alone, and I've been chugging it down!  I also stocked up on some protein shakes and bars this week...the convenient ones that I can grab and go with...which have helped me increase my protein intake.  Honestly?  I'm loving having my head in the game...the results are SO worth it!

Even better, I'm determined to keep it up.  Having gained 3.4 pounds last week really sucked...I remember yo-yo dieting, and remember gaining and losing the same pounds over and over for years (don't we all?!).  I absolutely don't want to do that anymore.  While 3.4 pounds is minute in the grand scheme of things, the sheer thought of having to lose that weight twice just...sucked.  

I've learned (again) this week that life is too short to let negativity and unethical/immoral assholes get ya down.  I started this journey with surgery about 11 months ago, and did it for me.  I'm over halfway to my goal, almost down 100 pounds, and I'm going to finish this for me.  By the time I hit my 31st birthday in August 2011?  You won't recognize me, bishes. 

Aside: While leaving the apartment complex gym tonight (after doing 2.0 miles in 32:48 minutes...I'll get faster!), I ran into two of the complex managers I hadn't seen in awhile.  They were more than happy to see my weight loss and said they didn't even recognize me at first!  Yeeeeeeeaaa boy!

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  1. Congrats on the losses and the compliments...your work is paying off and I'm glad.