Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I made a "vlog" on Sunday - yeah, where I sit in front of my laptop and pour out my soul, personality and quirks to all of you via webcam.  I had the great plan of uploading the video to YouTube (since the blogger platform kept getting errors), and then sharing it here so that you could witness who I was.  I had a plan of doing this every Sunday - both for my own enjoyment as I watched myself morph over weight loss time and for your enjoyment as you all got to see what a dork I really am.

Apparently?  A 10 minute video doesn't want to upload.  I've tried a few times on YouTube - even tried to begin the upload last night before I went to bed, only to find that it was 25% done this morning.  Now, yes, I could continue to let the video upload, but...who really wants to spend over 24 hours each week uploading a 10 minute vlog?  Um, not me.  Any suggestions on a program to record in that doesn't create such a gigabyte whore of a video?  This one clocked in at 6.21GB.  Goodness gracious!

For now, you'll have to deal with my typalicious you always have.  My endoscopy on Saturday went fine - the doctor was great and told me I had no ulcers, scarring, etc...he said, "Your band does look a little tight, though."  HA!  Isn't that what I said originally to my doctor?  Methinks he's going to get an ego bruising when he sees the results of the endoscopy.  They had to reschedule my barium swallow - originally on the 11th, it's now on the 18th.  I had planned to see my doctor again on the 17th to follow up and evaluate all of the test results, but that won't be possible now since the barium swallow won't have been completed by then.  Oh wellies!  Now that I've started to take some relaxation time for me (oh, and work has slowed down tremendously as we gear up for Thanksgiving!), my band has loosened up to the point where I can eat food again...I'm actually getting hungry throughout the day, but I've really started to pay attention to the following:

1. The band is just a TOOL - you're not hungry, Joia...get a straw, suck it up and realize it's your head talking to you.
2. Why haven't I been losing weight?  I was lying to myself saying that I "barely got calories in" everyday - I was enjoying 1-2 frappuccinos a day, not always asking for low-fat (as if those calories help either), and wondering how I would drink those, eat some food and not lose weight.  I've been tracking calories, kinda, since Sunday and realize that I've been consuming too much.

Since joining the "Holiday Challenge," I'm on a mission...seriously, I hate to lose.  While my numbers may not win me one of the top three prizes, I know that maintenance/weight gain is NOT an option - why was it an option before?  Why didn't I pull my head out of my ass and take a realistic look at what I was doing?  Duh.


  1. I've come to realizations, too. When I look in the mirror I actually see a skinny girl even though I'm still 35 pounds away from my goal so I think I've let myself get complacent in my eating habits. I've definitely been trying to make better food choices!