Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ugh...:::reminds self she's thankful:::...ugh.

I haven't had the greatest last week.  I developed a cough/runny nose thing that kept me up at nights (woke up coughing at least every hour last night) and no amount of water, drugs, chicken noodle soup or sleep has been able to cure it.  Added to that, my oldest cat nailed me last Monday - scared, she latched on with her claw to the skin between my thumbnail and...well, skin...and left a deep, gaping wound.  I've been treating it for over a week now and it's *still* sensitive - hit it twice tonight while trying to finish some housecleaning before Nick comes for the holiday...once so bad that I broke out in tears.

I probably wouldn't have cried if today hadn't have happened.  After the enormous lack of sleep I endured last night, I woke up not feeling well, but knowing that today was the "debate test" in both of my freshman classes, calling in sick to work wasn't an option.  I've been teaching them Parliamentary Procedure and today was the hour long test of their skills on various motions and debate, led and scored by me.  I grabbed a little food on the way to work and barely touched it...but near the end of 1st period, this is what transpired in my classroom:

Student A: Madam President.
Me: Student A.
Student A: I move to refer this motion to a committee.
Me: (while Student A is still standing) Hold that thought...actually?  Student C take over.  I'll be right back.
I proceed to run out into the hallway and PB into the nearest patch of dirt.
Me: (Back in the classroom).  Is there a second to the referral?
Student B: (awed/confused at what just happened) Um, second?

Yes.  As I said, I barely touched my food...and up it came.  As a result, I've had mild reflux throughout the day and just generally haven't felt well.  By the time 3rd period came around, I had had enough of today - between not sleeping, still coughing, tightness in my chest after the PB, etc...I called for a sub to take my last class (4th period) and I came home and slept.  Ugh.

I'm still not feeling better, but I leave tomorrow night to pick up Nick at the airport and we won't be back at my house until Thursday night...so I had to get the bathroom clean, I'm still working on laundry, I've still got to clean my room and wash my sheets, gotta bake a "Cheery Apple Cherry Pie" tomorrow before hitting the road...oh, and teach 4 more classes tomorrow, one of which is getting a reward ice cream party (which I have to shop for before school tomorrow) because they brought in the most canned food items for the recent drive we had for the local homeless shelter.

Seriously?  I just need the next 24 hours to pass, my thumb to heal and my cold thing to go away.  Hard to be thankful on Thanksgiving when you're downright miserable.

To kickstart it?  I think I shall go to Java Detour, my favoritest coffee place on earth, right now and get a loverly blended Black & White Mocha.  After all, I could use the pick me up AND the calories today.


  1. Feel better. I'm glad you were good to yourself and got a sub.

  2. Feel better soon :( Just think, if you have any, the ice cream cake SHOULD go down okay. You are probably extra tight just because of the cold!