Friday, November 26, 2010

My First Thanksgiving...with a LapBand!

After being stressed out cleaning my house, getting through the closing days of school as a teacher before a four-day weekend (students are at 10% attention span, at best) and dealing with a potential missed flight from my boyfriend on the East Coast, all turned out well!  I was nervous about sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner at my dad's house yesterday, surrounded by 11 other people (including my boyfriend -yay!), because I had PB'd everything I'd eaten the two days prior...and I have no idea why!

Not only did I get the broccoli, cauliflower and pretzel sticks down that I moderately snacked on throughout the day, I also got down a LapBand-sized Thanksgiving dinner!  Yup, yup - a few ounces of turkey, a small scoop of mashed potatoes, two small pieces of sweet potatoes...and lots of gravy!  I even managed a small slice of both pumpkin pie and pumpkin mousse pie!  I was SO STOKED!  Not one PB the whole day (a blessing, really, since the skin around both eyes were so blood shot and ridden with popped veins from PB'ing the day before on dinner that my boyfriend thought I'd been beaten when I showed up at LAX to pick him up Wednesday night)!!

It was good to see family, great to spend time with my boyfriend...and the good times keep rolling!  Boyfriend and I drove the 4 hours home last night from my dad's house in San Diego...worked off some calories once we got to my house (:::giggles:::), and I get to keep him until Monday morning!

Step-mom sent us home with leftovers (I left the Cheery Apple Cherry Pie I baked for dessert at their house - I know I don't need that in my house!), and I had bought a rump roast to make crock pot drip beef while my boyfriend's's good eatin' at my house!  I hope the scale is still nice to me on Sunday's challenge weigh-in...I'll continue to work off this food with "long distance boyfriend in town" activities!


  1. my first tgiving with the band too!!! and not a good one as you've read... btw-im a teacher too-10th grade. i always enjoy reading your blog!

  2. have a fun 'work out' filled weekend! lots to be thankful for :)

  3. Yay! Long-Distance Lovin'!!! *Maria*

  4. Also my first T'giving w/my band. But I didn't have to worry about anything... As my BIG meal is tomorrow. Your unknown reasons for Pb'ing are probably anxiety over the boyfriend coming home AND the nerves of what would or would not happen. I know, I can eat normal (for a bander) for weeks but then if I have something going on like a family dinner or concert or anything out of the "norm" I will PB for days until the event is over. Dr AND fellow bansters have told me that nerves and anxiety have a lot to do with the restriction and PB process. Now quit reading your blog and go work on that boyfriend! :-)

  5. Sounds nice and PB-free. Something to be thankful for!