Saturday, October 9, 2010

You really don't notice until you see pictures...

I was feeling good about the size 20 tops and bottoms I bought today so I could start going to Zumba's a far cry from the 26/28 bottoms and 3-4X tops I bought when I started this process. I decided to take some pictures to show off my weight loss progress on Facebook:


Of course, there are many things I still don't "LOVE" about my body now...but with 83 pounds down and 75 to go, I think there's a WORLD of difference here! Geez...just look at how unhappy I was taking a fat "before" picture - and that was when I was already down about 15 pounds! I'm loving this band :)


  1. Good lord~what a huge difference! 83 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. You look great! Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Awesome! You look great!!! One thing I regret is not doing the full body shots beforehand. I also didn't do measurements, which makes me want to kick myself in the ass.

  3. BTW, I lived in Tehachapi for over 3 years! I went shopping in Bakersfield every week.

  4. Great photos :-) You are looking so good.