Saturday, October 16, 2010

Me and 9.0cc just don't get!

It's round 3 with 9.0cc in my band after my fill on Wednesday, and I thought life was good! Since Wednesday I've been sticking to mostly liquids, but popping in a granola bar here and there (I keep them in my desk at work for when I have the munchies) and I managed to eat a LapBand portion size of steak last night without PBing (I'd been eating a TON more than that without issues prior to this fill). I was happy...

...until this morning. Up early, I headed to the gym to take my first Zumba class (which kicked my ASS but was SO FUN!). I got to the gym an hour before the class started, so I hopped on a treadmill and then a bike machine to do some light cardio. Not twenty minutes into it, my acid reflux came back. WTF?! I had an unfill about a month ago because my doctor thought acid reflux was caused by my band being too tight. I've lost weight since then, slowly, and my portion sizes have been huge! I figured I had finally lost enough internal weight to HANDLE 9.0cc! Why did I get the reflux from working out? All I had had prior to that was water...and I brought water with me...WTF!?!

I suffered with the mild reflux through the Zumba class and, later, when I got home. I was exhausted from not sleeping much last night so I took a nap when I get home. I wake up? Reflux is still there. The doctor had told me to come back in two weeks - if my reflux had come back, he'd take some of my fill out (again!) and get some tests run on me to make sure everything's okay in LapBand world. UGH.

I just had a great time puking up bile and acid into my toilet...yeah, it got so bad I started gagging and had to let it go. I had to actually go walk outside, in the fresh air, to stop the gagging. UGH.

Seriously - this sucks. Any advice from y'all? I thought about calling the doctor's office and running over there for an unfill, but I'm going to stick it out - maybe the steak 48 hours after a fill wasn't a good idea? We shall see how this goes...I'm not due in the doc's office again until October 27th.


  1. Gosh, I have no idea. I have not had acid reflux since I got the band. Maybe you do need a little unfill. Good luck, sweetie!

  2. Hey there, I have had trouble with acid tummy a few times, my doc put me on Omniperazole in the evenings before bed, he said it helps to keep acid at bay that may develop during the night. It has helped a ton. Also, sometimes I get it if I've gone too long without eating, so before I eat too fast to resolve it I will have a small glass of milk. It helps to settle the acid feeling. Hope that helps!! Don't try to stick it out too long...You don't want to be miserable.