Thursday, September 23, 2010


Look at that ticker up there...yay! While I'm not at a significant number or anything, I've officially lost more than I've left to lose! Wooooohoooo! It feels good to know I'm over halfway there :). My average rate of loss is 2.1 pounds a week - still not bad! I need to remind myself that I AM doing well whenever I'm having a fat day or a "slow loss" week. As long as the scale still goes down, I'm accomplishing great things!

In addition? I'm not around much until after October 3rd. My students and I will be hauling all of their livestock and equipment to our county fair tonight (biggest junior livestock show on the west coast), and we'll be "living" at the fair until it's over. Early mornings, long days, heat, exhaustion, least I'm bound to lose some weight with all this walking around!


  1. I did the same thing. I mean, it's BARELY over the halfway but still - it's sort of a good feeling to think "I've already hit the halfway point!" :)

    Congrats to you!