Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What happens when your band is too tight?

I'll tell sucks. Back in June I experienced a band that was too tight - lots of PB'ing, not being able to eat, etc. And I thought THAT was bad?! It's been quite the few months with this LapBand...ugh. I got to the point after my last unfill that I couldn't eat in the morning/afternoon, but was eating like a cow by night. I figured 9.0cc was perfect for me, right? Wrong. Over the last week I've had MAJOR issues with that 9.0cc again. It got to the point where (a) I was having severe acid reflux - which I've never had before and (b) I put myself on a liquid diet because even the TINIEST amount of food was tough to swallow. I've been in pure hell.

So today? I was scheduled for a fill...after telling the doc about not being able to eat anything on top of the acid reflux, he agreed with the research I'd band was too tight. So? I'm back down to 8.5cc. Just had a cup of pudding and...:::ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:::. I feel a million times better!

AND?! I got to the 250's this morning! I checked in at 259.6...we'll see if I can maintain that now that I'm able to eat again :). I'm hoping that the starvation from the last few days will counteract the food I'm going to eat today, and I'll FINALLY be out of the 260's!! Man, these decades seem to go slower and slower the farther I get into this!


  1. Sorry you're having trouble. Hopefully this unfill will do the trick. Your weight loss should continue if you don't go crazy with food. You'll probably want to eat more in response to the "starvation" mode you've been in. Just try to stick to high-protein and other nutricious options.

  2. hoe this is a good place for you and your band now..... you've been through hell recently..... not fun!

  3. Sending happy thoughts your way!!!