Saturday, September 18, 2010

Renewed spirit!

Thanks to reading MrsFatass' blog post today, I've realized that I need to stop complaining about my life and lack of weight loss. What lack of weight loss? I've lost damn near 80 pounds in 2010! How many people WISH they could say that?! So, I end my Friday/start my Saturday with a quick list of things that make me awesome:

1. I've lost almost 80 pounds, dawg! Whut whut!
2. I have an amazing career, and it looks like I'll be taking a step up in the next month!
3. I have the man of my dreams who loves me with everything he is.
4. I'm a hot bish. Really. Even at ~259 pounds. I got me da sex appeal!
5. I love myself - always have!
6. My friends and family are supportive of every choice I've made (except smoking).
7. I'm college educated, and, even though I'm still paying for it, I'm proud of that.
8. My name's unique...just like me!
9. I am an independent woman who doesn't need to rely on anyone to pay my bills.
10. My kitty cats love me :).

I could go on, but I'll stop with the infamous Top Ten reasons. Bottom line? It's okay to "whine/complain" when my band isn't right, in the hope that I can gather wisdom and advice from all of you...but my blog has been more about negativity and less about the blessing I call my life! No mas!


  1. I love your list, it is easy to forget the great things the band has given us when things have slowed / stalled for a short time.

  2. I too sit back and think about all the positives in my life when I feel down.. You have a great list.. Enjoy all of those things on your list..