Thursday, September 16, 2010

Depressing? Maybe.

Out of curiousity, I went back through my weight chart and noted how long it took me to pass each "decade" of weight I've hit so far:

December 31, 2009 – Began at 338.2 pounds
January 7, 2010 – Hit 328.6 ~One Week (Pre-Op Diet)
January 23, 2010 – Hit 319.2 ~Two Weeks
March 1, 2010 – Hit 308.4 ~One Week
March 19, 2010 – Hit 299.6 ~Two Weeks
May 6, 2010 – Hit 289.8 ~Seven Weeks
June 6, 2010 – Hit 279.4 ~Four Weeks
July 27, 2010 – Hit 269.8 ~Seven Weeks
September 15, 2010 – Hit 259.6 ~Seven Weeks

I remember being frustrated when I stayed in the 270's for so long - that took about seven weeks, and it felt like an eternity. What I notice, though, is that it's taken me about seven weeks to lose EACH SET of ten pounds since I've had Band issues (beginning in late May). Yikes! With the weight I've lost so far, my average weight loss is still 2.13 pounds a week. If that average loss can stay above 2.0 pounds a week, I'd be a happy camper! I still can't believe I've lost almost 80 pounds...while I know I still have quite a long road ahead of me, and that the pounds are coming off slower now, I know that I need to celebrate how far I've come. In the next day or two (I'm guessing), I'll hit the "50% of excess weight lost" mark...which not all LapBanders accomplish. I'm glad I'm, so far, turning out to be a "results not typical" kinda gal, and I only hope I can endure for another 80 pounds until I get to my goal!

My goal...weird. I have no clue what I'd look like at 238 (100 pounds lost), let alone 200...or even the "goal" I set of 180. It's bizarre having been overweight for your entire adult life, because I truly have no clue what any of those weights look like on me - I can't even remember ever weighing as low as I do now (although, obviously I some past, long time ago lifetime!). But how do I feel? Fat. I feel like the slower weight loss - that I knew was bound to come - is dragging me down with it. I know much of it is the fact that I had so many ISSUES with the band, being too tight for the better part of the last 3 months. I hope that I'm on the right track again, that I continue to make the right choices, and that I can kick up the weight loss once again now that my band is working WITH me (knock on wood)!

P.S. - My current goal is to hit 250 before the first CTA State Council session of the year (October 22). That is...if I don't have a different job by then that causes me to resign from Council...

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  1. I feel like I've been trying to lose this same 20 lbs for the past three months. I am stuck in a rut - it's depressing. But, I have to keep telling myself 50 lbs. You're doing awesome. :)