Monday, September 6, 2010

At a crossroads...

I know things take time when it comes to weight loss...but I'm more than frustrated with where this month has gone. Initially, I was doing great! Losing weight, making healthy choices, convinced that the 9.0cc of fill I had was appropriate...

...that's out the window. I've fluctuated between 261 and 264 for what seems like weeks now (in reality, I have no clue how long it's been). What's going on? Here's what I know:

1. I can barely eat in the mornings, but can eat a cow by the time night comes around.
2. I'm not drinking enough water - despite having tons of water bottles and bottled water around me. I've been making the conscious choice in the last couple of days to rectify this, and I hope I continue to do so.
3. I'm not working out - and I have a gym membership (have had once since October of last year). In fact, I've NEVER used this gym membership, despite paying $39.99 a month. Lemme tell ya? That's one expensive plastic keychain tag. I stopped by the gym today to pick up their class schedule (YAY Zumba!) and to ask questions about how to "use" the gym...even put the classes into my calendar...let's go work out!

I guess...I just don't know? I try to make healthy food choices (they're a HELLUVA lot better than the choices I made a year ago), but even eating large quantities of healthy food get you in trouble with your weight.

I feel like I don't want a fill - I still have issues with some foods, and steer clear of others because of the problems I know I've had. Am I lying to myself? Should I be eating those foods I'm having problems with anyway? Am I REALLY taking small bites? Probably not - on both of those. I had a fill scheduled for last Wednesday, but rescheduled it for next Wednesday. Hmm.

I'm about 8 months out of surgery now and feel like I'm in a LapBand slump. Weight loss/gain back and forth, filled to the point where I don't *want* another fill but feel like I *should* have one...I don't know what to do. Motivational peoples? Join in here.


  1. I would go back to the basic band rules. Water, protein first and no more than 1 cup of food. No drinking during your meal...yada yada yada. Getting to the gym would certainly help too. Even though we have a band, we have to do the work :) Good luck sweetie!

  2. So sorry you are going through this. I was in quite a slump for 2 months - I have 10.75 cc's in an 11cc band - so I was starting to panic. I would suggest that you eat your protein first, drink your water (I only get in about 40 oz per day), do not drink with meals, try a greek yogurt in the morning when you're a bit tight, stay away from sliders, chew your food really well (I found this out the hard way) and only weigh once per week. You will break through this plateau!

  3. This sucks, Joia. I think it's smart to not get another fill, though.

    Maybe try to drink a thing protein shake like Isopure or EAS in the AM to keep your blood sugar stable? I try to do this so I avoid being ravenously hungry later in the day.